Sept 2016, I am a professor, pcc, of Statistics at the applied math department (CMAP) at Ecole Polytechnique (Saclay) and member of the data-science initiative and XPOP INRIA team.

News: elected at the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. Member of R forwards;  blog posts and multivariate studies of the R community. Head of the communication of the French Statistical Society.

PostDoc Positions: a position is available on missing values, if you are interested contact me.          

   julie.josse[at]   – Office, Labo 0,  CMAP 3rd floor num: 05 3003

My main research fields are missing values, visualization with dimensionality reduction (PCA, correspondence analysis), multi­-blocks data,  low rank matrix estimation.  Detailed CV


On going projects:

Associate Editor: Journal of Computational & Graphical Statistics (2017-). Journal of Statistical Software. (2010-2017)


2017 G. Celeux, J. Jewson, J. Josse, J.M. Marin, C. P. Robert.
Some discussions on the Read Paper "Beyond subjective and objective in statistics" by A. Gelman and C. Hennig[pdf]
2017Foulley, JL, Celeux, G and Josse, J.Empirical Bayes approaches to PageRank type
algorithms for rating scientific journals
2017Preparing a special issue for Statistical Sciences on missing values.
2017Robin, G, Sardy, S., Moulines, E. and Josse, J. Low rank log-linear models for contingency tables. Submitted.[pdf]
R code
2017Mozharovskyi, P., Husson, F. and Josse, j. Nonparametric imputation by data depth. Submitted.[pdf]
R package
2016Sobczyk, P, Bogdan, M. and Josse, J.Bayesian dimensionality reduction with PCA using penalized semi-integrated likelihood.
Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics JCGS.

2016Fithian, W. and Josse, J.Multiple Correspondence Analysis & the Multilogit Bilinear Model.
Journal of Multivariate Analysis.
2016Husson, F., Josse, J. and Saporta, G.Jan de Leeuw and the French school of data analysis.
Journal of Statistical Software.
2016 Groenen, P. and Josse, J. Multinomial Multiple Correspondence Analysis.[pdf]
2016 Josse, J., Sardy, S. and Wager, S. denoiseR: a package for low rank matrix estimation. Submitted in JSS.[pdf]
R package
2016Fujii, H., Josse, J., Tanioka, M., Miyachi, Y. Husson, F., and Ono, M.Regulatory T cells in melanoma revisited by a computational clustering of FOXP3+ T cell subpopulations.
Journal of Immunology
2015Audigier, V., Husson, F. and Josse, J.
MIMCA: Multiple imputation for categorical variables with multiple correspondence analysis.
Statistics and Computing.
[pdf] [code]
2015 (2016)Josse, J and Wager, S. Bootstrap-Based Regularization for Low-Rank Matrix Estimation.
Journal of Machine Learning research.
[pdf][R package]
2015Josse, J. and Sardy, S. Adaptive Shrinkage of singular values.
Statistics and Computing.
R package
2015Josse, J and Husson, F. missMDA a package to handle missing values in and with multivariate data analysis methods.
Journal of Statistical Software.
R package
2015 Audigier, V., Husson, F. and Josse, J. Multiple imputation for continuous variables using Bayesian PCA. 
Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation.
2015 (2016)Josse, J. and Holmes, S.Measuring multivariate association.
Statistics Survey.
[pdf] [R code] [data]
2014Audigier, V., Husson, F. and Josse, J.A principal components method to impute mixed data. 
Advances in Data analysis and Classification
2014Josse, J., Wager, S. and Husson, F. Confidence areas for fixed-effects PCA. 
Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics.
2014Dray, S and Josse, J. Principal component analysis with missing values: a comparative survey of methods.
Plant Ecology. 
2014Josse, J.,  van Eeuwijk, F., Piepho, H-P and Denis, J.B. Another look at Bayesian analysis of AMMI models for genotype-environment data. 
Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics. 19 (2), pp 240-257.
2013Verbanck, M., Josse, J. and Husson, F. Regularized PCA to denoise and visualise data. 
Statistics and Computing.   25 (2), pp 47-486.
2013Josse, J., Timmerman, M.E. and Kiers, H.A.L. Missing values in multi-level simultaneous component analysis.
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems. 129, pp 21–32
2013Husson, F. and Josse, J.Handling missing values in Multiple Factor Analysis.
Food Quality and Preferences. 30 (2), pp. 77–85
2013Josse, J and Husson, F. Handling missing values in exploratory multivariate data analysis methods.
Journal de la SFdS. 153 (2), pp. 79-99. Paper written for the best Ph.D doctoral thesis prize delivered by the French Statistical Society.
2012Josse, J., Chavent, M., Liquet, B. and Husson, F. Handling missing values with Regularized Iterative Multiple Correspondence Analysis.
Journal of Classification. 29 (1), pp.91-116.
[R package]
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Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. 56 (6), pp. 1869-1879.
[R package]
2011Josse, J., Husson, F. and Pagès, J. Multiple imputation in PCA.
Advances in data analysis and classification. 5 (3), pp. 231-246.
[R package]
2010Husson, F., Josse, J. and Pagès J. Principal component methods - hierarchical clustering - partitional clustering: why would we need to choose for visualizing data?
Technical report.
2009Josse, J., Husson, H. and Pagès, J. Gestion des données manquantes en Analyse en Composantes Principales.
Journal de la SFdS. 150 (2), pp. 28-51.
2008Josse, J., Pagès, J. and Husson, F.Testing the significance of the RV coefficient.
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. 53, pp. 82-91.
[R package]
2008Lê S., Josse, J. and Husson, F. FactoMineR: an R package for multivariate analysis.
Journal of Statistical Software. 25 (1), pp. 1-18.
[pdf] [R package]


74099_cover_RforStat_smallP-A. Cornillon, A. Guyader, F. Husson, N. Jégou, J. Josse, M. Kloareg, E. Matzner-Løber, L. Rouvière. (2012).
R for statistics. Chapman & Hall

74100_stat-R2P-A. Cornillon, A. Guyader, F. Husson, N. Jégou, J. Josse, M. Kloareg, E. Matzner-Løber, L. Rouvière. (2008, 2010, 2012).
Statistique avec R. Presses Universitaires de Rennes

Chapter in Books:
Husson, F. & Josse, J. (2014). Multiple correspondence analysis. Book chapter. The Visualization and Verbalization of Data


I am involved in the R software community and I am sincerely glad to have been elected as a member of the R Foundation for Statistical Computing,

Developpment of packages:
FactoMineR: visualization with principal components methods
missMDA: missing values (imputation continuous, categorical data) – matrix completion
denoiseR: low rank matrix estimation with regularized SVD and bootstrap

I serve as an associate editor of Journal of Statistical Software and I am involved in Rforwards to leading the R community forwards in widening the participation of women and other under-represented group.  With M. Chavent, S. Dray, R. Genuer, F.Husson, B. Liquet, J. Sarracco, we created the « French R board group » to support the organization of Les Rencontres R. Support  R with the R consortium.

News: Talk presentation of Rforwards.  Blog posts and multivariate studies of the R community.
Member of the scientific committee of 
Les rencontres R, useR! 2017.


As a French associate professor, I teach around 200 hours/year (lectures, computer labs mainly with the R software) and I supervise master students projects and their internship in industry. Learn more

In addition, I give tutorials in different instituts and in conferences:

2016-2017Missing values imputationuseR!2016, Stanford
Gdr Ecology stat, Lyon
INRIA, saclay
Ozone data
2015Handling missing values with a special focus on the use of principal component methods. (3h). useR! 2015, the R useR conference, Aalborg, Denmark
2014Lecture on dealing with missing values. (3h)Stanford University, CA, USA[slides] [ozone data]
[ecological data]
2011Panorama sur les méthodes d'analyse exploratoire des données. (3h) Journées de l'Ecole Doctorale Pierre Louis de Santé Publique : Epidémiologie et Sciences de l'Information Biomédicale. St Malo, France [slides, data]
2011Analyse Factorielle Multiple. Mise en oeuvre des méthodes multi-tableaux via le logiciel R. (3h).  Atelier de la SFdS. Paris, France
2010Multivariate Data Analysis with a special focus on clustering and multiway methods. (3h). useR!2010. Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA[slides, data]
2008Exploratory Data Analysis. (3h)  
useR!2008. Dortmund, Germany[slides, data]


Conferences organization head

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  • Some references on data analysis, data sciences.