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I am involved in the R software community and I am sincerely glad to have been elected as a member of the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. Please if R is helping you, help us by supporting with donation

Development of packages:
FactoMineR: visualization with principal components methods
missMDA: missing values (imputation continuous, categorical data) – matrix completion
For questions on the use of packages we have a google group
denoiseR: low rank matrix estimation with regularized SVD and bootstrap

My students have also developed R packages associated to our  works:
misaem: logistic regression with missing values
mimi: Generalized low-rank models for mixed and incomplete data frames
lori: contingency table with missing values and covariates

Development of R-miss-tastic:
Project funded by the R consortium (Infrastructure Steering Committee) to federate the community. Aim: a reference platform on the theme of missing data management (list existing packages, available literature, tutorials, analysis workflows on data,  main actors, etc)

Causal Inference Taskview

If you want to do causal inference with missing values, you can use the R package grf where a double robust method handling missing covariates is implemented and see the pipeline to compare different estimators (IPW, DR) strategies (imputations, etc.).

Development of ICUBAM (ICU Bed Allocation Monitor) as an open source project with Inria, to visualize the availability of resuscitation beds. This started as a personal initiative from a rescusitator in the Grand-Est region who identify the need to to visualize available Covid + beds in real time (with a respirator). ICUBAM is an operational tool for rescuscitators in times of crisis to model patient flows, anticipate bed needs and welcome patients from submerged areas. ICUBAM has been deployed in 130 ICU wards in 40 départements, and inventories more than 2,000 ICU. Slides application, Slides models, paper, github.

I  served as an associate editor of Journal of Statistical Software (2011-2017) and I am involved in Rforwards to leading the R community forwards in widening the participation of women and other under-represented group. I am in the R foundation conference committee and work for implementation of Code of Conduct.
With M. Chavent, S. Dray, R. Genuer, F.Husson, B. Liquet, J. Sarracco, we created the « French R board group » to support the organization of Les Rencontres R.

News: Video presentation of Rforwards. Blog posts and multivariate studies of the R community.
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