Software – R

I am involved in the R software community and I am sincerely glad to have been elected as a member of the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. Please if R is helping you, help us by supporting with donation

Development of packages:
FactoMineR: visualization with principal components methods
missMDA: missing values (imputation continuous, categorical data) – matrix completion
For questions on the use of packages we have a google group.
denoiseR: low rank matrix estimation with regularized SVD and bootstrap

My students have also developed R packages associated to our  works:
misaem: logistic regression with missing values
mimi: Generalized low-rank models for mixed and incomplete data frames.
lori: contingency table with missing values and covariates

If you want to do causal inference with missing values, you can use the R package grf where a double robust method handling missing covariates is implemented and see the pipeline to compare different estimators (IPW, DR) strategies (imputations, etc.).

I  served as an associate editor of Journal of Statistical Software (2011-2017) and I am involved in Rforwards to leading the R community forwards in widening the participation of women and other under-represented group. I am in the R foundation conference committee and work for implementation of Code of Conduct.
With M. Chavent, S. Dray, R. Genuer, F.Husson, B. Liquet, J. Sarracco, we created the « French R board group » to support the organization of Les Rencontres R.

News: Video presentation of Rforwards. Blog posts and multivariate studies of the R community.
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