Stat300 2015

Principal Component Analysis
Slides:   PCA 1  – Lab PCAPCA 2 (number of components – confidence areas – clustering)
Data: image brittany  – image missing  –  chickens  – results genes data

Correspondence Analysis
Slides: CA  – Lab CA
Data: Hayashi  (What is important in life?) – aggregated SexAge-Words data
Package TextoMineR (.tar; .zip) to analyse text data (documents* words)

Multiple Correspondence Analysis
Slides: MCA –   anova (pic)
Data: health, R code health – alcohol,  R code alcohol

Multi – blocks (array) Analysis
Slides: MFA –  Lab MFA (some  answers)
Data: R code brain tumors

Dealing with missing values
Slides: Missing (Part 1: PC methods with missing values – Part 2 Mutiple imputation methods) – LabNA
Data: impact factor journalsR code multi blocks with row missings – ozoneNA

Homework – project
Homework 1Homework 2    – Homework answers
Project topics
Projects slides:  Latent Semantic AnalysisThe Guttman EffectHomogeneity AnalysisPolitical AnalysisRV/dCov – Multiple Contingency tables – Imputation with random forests