Seminars – Conferences

2017R forwards useR!2017, Bruxelles, 5 July. video
2017Empirical Bayes approaches to PageRank type algorithms for rating scienti fic journals French Stat Society, 29 May. slides
2017Low-rank log-linear models. Vienna, University of economics and business, 16 March.
Telecom, Paris, 23 March.
2016Imputation with data depth - Pavlo MozharovskyiFrench society meeting, Montpellier, France, Mayslides
abstract mi
2016MultiLogit bilinear model & MCAWorking group on model based clustering, Paris, France, 22 July
AgroPariTech, Paris, France, 13 June
2016Meetup Machine Learning, Paris, France, 10 February
2015Missing values and principal components methodsINRIA, Orsay, France, 12 October
Tesla Motor, Palo Alto, USA, 14 August
2015Multiple imputation for categorical dataConference CARME (correspondence analysis & related methods, Napoli, Italy, 21 September
Journée de Statistiques, Rennes, France, 23 october
2015 A flexible framework for regularized low rank matrix estimation Los Alamos, USA, 15 February
Rotterdam University, Netherlands, 30 January
Adobe Research, San Jose, USA, 20 January
2015Visualization with regularized PCA Stanford Biostatistics, Palo Alto, USA, 15 January[slides]
2014A flexible framework for regularized low rank matrix estimation Montpellier 2 University, France, 20 October
Paris Descartes University, France, 24 October
Wroclaw University, Poland, 31 October
2014Multiple imputation with Bayesian PCA Bordeaux University, France, 6 March
Angers University, France, 22 September
2014Missing values in Multiple Factor Analysis. Application on sensory problemsConference Agrostat (statistical methods for the food industry), Rabat, Marroco [slides]
2013Imputation of mixed data: Random Forests versus PCAConference ERCIM, London, UK [slides]
2013Missing values in PCA Stanford Statistics, Palo Alto, USA, 23 July
2013Measures of dependence between random vectors and tests of independence  Susan Holmes group - meeting. Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA, 5 June
2013Regularized PCA to denoise and visualize dataCNAM, Paris, France, 16 January
Conference Statlearn, Keynote, Bordeaux, France, 4 April
Conference ERCIM, Oviedo, Spain, 17 december
2013Handling missing values in exploratory multivariate data analysis: from PCA to multi-blocks methodsStanford Biostatistics, Palo Alto, USA, 23 May
2013L'analyse de données avec FactoMineR : les nouveautésConference Rencontres R, Lyon, France, 27 June
2012Multi-level simultaneous component analysisConference COMPSTAT, Cyprus, 25 July
Workshop TRICAP - ThRee-way methods In Chemistry And Psychology, Bruges, Belgium, 10 April
2012Infering biadditive models within the Bayesian paradigmWorkshop on statistical interpretation of Genotype-Environment Interactions, MIAJ, INRA, Jouy en Josas, France
2012Imputation with the R package missMDA  Conference Rencontres R, Bordeaux, France
Conference useR!, Warwick, UK
2012Handling missing values in principal component methods Conference of the French Statistical Society, Keynote. Talk given for the award of the best Ph.D. dissertation (Marie-Jeanne Laurent-Duhamel), Bruxelles, Belgium
2011Multiple correspondence analysis with missing valuesConference DAGM, GfKI, Frankfurt, Germany
Conference of the Classification Society, St Andrew, Scotland
Conference CARME Correspondence Analysis and Related MEthods, Rennes, France
2010 Testing the significance of the RV coefficient, application to napping Conference AgroStat, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium[slides]