2016/2017 – Ecole Polytechnique 

  • MAP 573, MAP 536, Master 1, R for Statistics.  Visualization, tests, dimensionality reduction.  Webpage with slides, data, projects.
  • MAP 535, Master 1, The art of regression (GLM, model selection, penalization).
  • MAP 540, Master 1, DataCamp. Case studies with companies.
  • Projects 3A, Supervising research projects.


  • Stats 300, PhD in statistics, Stanford University. ­Advanced Topics in Statistics: Exploratory data analysis (PCA, CA, multi-­blocks methods) – Missing valuesWebpage with slides, data, projects.
  • Master statistics/agronomy, Agrocampus Ouest. ­Experimental design.
  • Master statistics, Agrocampus Ouest/Rennes University. ­Exploratory data analysis (PCA, Correspondence analysis, 3­way data). Webpage with slides, data, exams.   Webpage with F. Husson MOOC.
  • Master statistics, Agrocampus Ouest. Missing valuesmissing values in principal component methods [slides].
  • Master statistics, Agrocampus Ouest. ­Statistics with R. Webpage with slides, ­exercice ­ exams – R Projets: Rpython, GoogleVis, Rmarkdown, R.

The detail of previous years can be found in my cv. To wrap-up, it includes:

  •  introductory statistics (descriptive statistics, tests, anova, linear model, experimental design), bachelors in agronomy and food industry, Agrocampus
  •  introductory to additive models, Master fisheries, Agrocampus. [slides] ­ [data] ­ [R code]
  • punctual  activities: introductory statistics, geography department, Rennes 2 University, in a « grande ecole » of public health (EHESP), in another « grande ecole » of agronomy (Paris, AgroParisTech), in a « grande ecole » of statistics (Rennes, ENSAI), in a bachelor’s degree in Bio­science (Roscoff, Agrocampus-­Paris 6)

A lot of teaching material can be found on the webpage of F. Husson (data sets, lecture slides, videos on data analysis, experimental design, sensometry) and on his youtube chanel.