YearTitle EventSlides/Video
2019 Doubly-robust treatment effect estimation with incomplete confoundersSeminar Frejus I. Mayerpdf
2019Decisions trees with missing values, selection and predictionSFDSpdf
2019On the consistency of supervised learning with missing valuesCornell, Statlearn, Google Brainpdf
2019 High dimensional variable selection with missing values with adaptive slopeDagStat, Munichpdf
2019Low-rank estimation and imputation with MNAR data DagStat, Munichpdf
2019Causal inference with missing valuesLyonpdf
2018Distributed multilevel matrix completion for medical dataFrance-Finland Worshop, Washington University Seminarpdf
Stochastic Approximation EM for logistic regression with missing valuesCMStat, London, 17 Decemberpdf
2017Single Imputation with data depthCMStat, London, 17 Decemberpdf
2017 R forwards to widen the participation of under-represented groupsuseR!2017, 7 Julyvideo
2017Empirical Bayes approaches to PageRank type algorithms for rating scienti fic journals French Stat Society, 29 Maypdf
2017Low-rank log-linear models. Vienna, University of economics and business, 16 March
Telecom, Paris, 23 March.
2016 Meetup Machine Learning, Paris, France, 10 February
2016 Imputation with data depth - Pavlo Mozharovskyi French Stat Society, Montpellier, France, May pdf
2016MultiLogit bilinear model & MCA Working group on model based clustering, Paris, France, 22 July
AgroPariTech, Paris, France, 13 June
2015Missing values and principal components methods INRIA, Orsay, France, 12 October
Tesla Motor, Palo Alto, USA, 14 August
2015Multiple imputation for categorical data Conference CARME (correspondence analysis & related methods), Napoli, Italy, 21 September
Journée de Statistiques, Rennes, France, 23 october
20152015 A flexible framework for regularized low rank matrix estimationLos Alamos, USA, 15 February
Rotterdam University , Netherlands, 30 January
Adobe Research , San Jose, USA, 20 January
2015 Visualization with regularized PCA Stanford Biostatistics, Palo Alto, USA, 15 January
2014A flexible framework for regularized low rank matrix estimation Montpellier 2 University, France, 20 October
Paris Descartes University, France, 24 October
Wroclaw University, Poland, 31 October

past talks:
MultiLogit bilinear model & MCA
Bootstrap approach for low rank estimation
A missing values tour with principal components
Visualization with regularized PCA and confidence ellipses
Exploratory data analysis: multi­-blocks/3ways methods
Multiple imputation for categorical data
Imputation of mixed data: Random forest/PCA